3 Answers. Johnkannu [Jonkonnu] - the oldest and most popular, and Bruckin's, Pucomina and Revival. Resistance and Revolts of the Taino. Theatre. Bruckins is a Jamaican dance performed to celebrate Emancipation Day. ... they brought along names of English places and re named many of the Spanish places and gave them English names.... an example would be a place called Manchester. But as the climatic conditions in Jamaica were not the same as in Europe, the incoming styles had to be adapted for tropical weather. im doing a history project and need to know what did the english bring to jamaica that is still practised in the country today? While Columbus wasn’t the first to … Caonabo. Although a peaceful people, the Taino did not simply sit around waiting for the Spaniards to bring about their destruction. Preservation of Cultural Values – The Chinese have been praised for their industry and for the focus they bring to their work, emphasizing education and extended family relationships in the raising of their children. Spanish settlements flourished until the 1600s, During the 1650s the Spanish lost Jamaica … It was the Tainos who met Christopher Columbus when he arrived on Jamaica's shores in 1494. However, many of the Spaniards’ escaped slaves had formed communities in the highlands, and increasing numbers also escaped from British plantations. Believe me, when Jamaica says Out of Many – One People, boy do we mean it!. The best European legacy is said to be the Morris dance, brought to Jamaica by indentured servants from England, Scotland, and Ireland. After Christopher Columbus tried to reach Asia in 1492 by sailing west of Africa, the Old World’s view of the planet changed. The sugar industry grew quickly in Jamaica -- in 1672 there were 70 plantations producing 772 tonnes of sugar per annum -- growing in the 1770s to over 680 plantations. Answer Save. When we think of the main ethnic group that influences Jamaican culture, Africa comes to mind.While this isn’t far removed from the truth, it isn’t the whole truth. The Spanish in particular brought with them a taste for large balconies and verandas, a legacy which can still be seen all over the island today. From its foundation Spanish Town became the center of Jamaican life and history. soon left the island for the richer lands of Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Cuba. A lively commercial route was organized under Spanish administration, between Jamaica, Spain and other Spanish territories. Jamaica was a Spanish colony from 1494 to 1655 and a British colony from 1655 to 1962. By 1700 Jamaica was awash with sugar plantations and Jamaica's population was comprised of 7,000 English to 40,000 slaves. Daggering is a form of dance originating from Jamaica. Jamaica's earliest theatre was built in 1682. Jamaican culture is also strongly influenced by the English, the Irish, South Asians, East Asians, and the Spanish. The dance incorporates dry sex, wrestling and other forms of frantic movement. The colonial period was marked by conflict between white absentee owners and local managers and merchants and African slave laborers. Jamaica - Jamaica - British rule: In 1655 a British expedition under Admiral Sir William Penn and General Robert Venables captured Jamaica and began expelling the Spanish, a task that was accomplished within five years. 5. In addition to the commercial activities that went on in Spanish Town, a formal political structure was established under Spanish government. The Creole dances that were created in Jamaica tend to borrow elements from both European and African cultures e.g. Caribbean dance evolved from a complex mix of African customs, colonialism, and indigenous cultures like the Taino people, who lived on several islands including Cuba and Jamaica. Upon Ovando’s retirement in 1509, Columbus’s son Diego Columbus became governor of Española.

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