Tap water, while often the cleanest, can still aggravate the wound especially in the presence of soaps, shampoos, and bathing products. Had a bad spill and it's been about a month healing, just am not supposed to get it wet in unsafe waters, but I clean it every day with a spray bottle of filtered water. Swimming pool can be contaminated with Bacteria from … All sorts of wounds?Best keep the edges clean and free of scab.Keep the area free of external detriments of healing, i'd recommend a bandage. Spending a long duration in the water such as bathing may also cause swelling in the skin that affects the ability of the wound to heal properly. The presence of bacteria is also a danger, especially at public pools. Wound healing is classically divided into hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling.Although a useful construct, this model employs considerable overlapping among individual phases. On a summer holiday, neither the salty seawater nor the chlorinated water in the pool provide adequate conditions to help promote healing. With this limited info I would suggest continuing to be active and avoid deep knee bends and cutting activities. Best to ask you doctor. Wound Swimming: Healing with Psilocybin, Ceremonies & Micro-Dosing: Griego, Tiana: Amazon.com.au: Books Lifting weights, going for a jog or cycling through the city is easier said than done when dealing with a significant injury. I'm just wondering what the general feeling is here about swimming with minor wounds? ... Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:15 pm #1288728. If your immune system is already compromised by a wound or abrasion, you can expose yourself to further unnecessary risks by swimming before it heals. While chlorinated water can positively effect the skin, it should never be allowed to touch internal wounds, such as sores on the eyes or the lining of the mouth. If it’s just a simple abrasion, rather than a gaping wound, you will most likely be okay.”. because there is lots of germs in the water which causes your wound to become infected . Often, minor cuts or even a mosquito bite improves after swimming in a pool. i have a plastic splint - am i able to go swimming?" Pain no need to worry. Top answers from doctors based on your search: Connect by text or video with a U.S. board-certified doctor now — wait time is less than 1 minute! A venous ulcer? Okay to apply pressure, okay to take Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for the itch. I am off on holiday next week and nursey tells me I cant go ... thought that if you're splashing about in the oggin that this will remove the dry scabby covering thus prolonging the healing process. When applied in concentrated form or allowed to penetrate the body for excessively long periods of time, chlorine can have a negative impact on the skin. I said that the wound isn't that big of a deal now, except that it means that I can't swim, which is really the only aerobic exercise that I like, and I managed to still do it a fair amount of the time when I was sick (not when I was really sick). Swimming in the ocean with an open wound will also be dangerous because you can possibly struck your wound into or scratch it with ocean rocks. When you have an open wound, it is not advisable to swim in any body of water. This can lead into infection as your healing tissues are re-damaged and your wound may start bleeding, so your body must restart the healing process which take longer time. When chlorine in the water penetrates the skin, it will help kill the bacteria in the wound. Sores on the face, such as those caused by acne, can benefit from limited but regular exposure to chlorinated water. The importance of this new model becomes more apparent … Swimming with an open wound #1288728. Discomfort can occur as a result of dryness or rashes can develop leading to irritation. we have cleaned it every day...and wrapped it for protection. The scab will help prevent any outside bacteria from entering the wound. Answer Save. Spending a long time in the water can also cause your skin to swell, which affects the ability of wounds to heal properly. what happens if you use oxy pads on open wound ? Although chlorine can damage skin and wounds if too concentrated, chlorine is also known to have a healing effect when it contacts the skin via pool water in controlled doses, a result of its germ-killing properties. A wound in the early stages of healing should remain dry. Answered by Dr. J. Lawrence Dohan: NO: NO NO NO You need close observation by your DR. Is it from a diabetic ulcer? If it has a thick scab on it then you're probably good to go. If not, then sit out. Most of us have been told at one time or another that swimming in the ocean will help heal a sore or cut.

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